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Start Your Fundraising Journey

Sourcing funding?

What are the biggest hurdles faced by property fundraisers in today's market?  Material shortages?  Delays with professional bodies?  Or perhaps it is sourcing the EQUITY or DEBT funding?

If this is one of your main challenges, then read on to find out more...

LEOcrowdfunding helps property developers to prepare themselves and their projects for engagement with lending institutions and private investors.

Who are we?

Learn more about the people behind LEOcrowdfunding...

Crane Construction

Fill out the application below to start your fundraising journey

Crane Construction

Fundraising Application

Start here by adding as much detail as possible.  Use the dropdown options, form fills and attach any relevant documents/images.

This application will form the initial steps of your onboarding process and allow us to assess the viability of your application.

If you have further questions, please contact us at

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