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Avon Valley Apartments, Bristol

Development Project

Brought to the platform by West Country Partnerships, this ground-up development of 3 apartments, successfully raised £100,000 equity from 29 investors on a 30% per annum ROI.

The project has since paid out at the estimated return of 30%.

The fundraiser has completed two subsequent crowd raises since this project completed.

Image of mill from front 2.jpeg

The Old Woollen Mill, North Tawton

Planning Uplift Project

The conversion of an old woollen mill based in North Tawton in Devon, this project is currently in the final stages of planning.

Having completed two successful raises on the project, the fundraiser has built a strong crowd investor base.

The project offers 50% per annum for a two year project (the higher return due to the higher risk profile of the project).

Image from Aug 21 Update - Site plan.png

Plough Hill View, Nuneaton

Small Development

Another ground up development, which saw the creation of five modern new builds.

The fundraiser successfully pitched to the crowd and received £100,000, this time from 43 investors.  The project offered 30% per annum and successfully paid out the return to investors.

The fundraiser has raised on a further three projects, which are currently all at various stages of the build process.

2022-02-14 (13).png
Finished Kitchen.jpg
Isleham Investor Update May 22_Page_09.png

Hall Barn Road, Isleham

Mid-size Development

This ground-up development planned to build 17 new homes in Isleham, Cambridgeshire, 5 of which were designated as affordable housing units.

The project raised £900K over two raises - the first being a private or behind the curtain raise.  This is where the fundraiser has their own investors and wants to offer the deal to them, but wants to do so in a compliant manner.

The projected ROI for the first raise is 47% and 33.3% for the second raise.  

Birds Eye.png
Dagenham External.jpg
Becontree Avenue - FINAL DRAFT EOD Jan 2022 v2_Page_23_Image_0001.png

Becontree Avenue, Dagenham

Income Generating

A move away from the vanilla type development deals, this income generating project offered investors an opportunity to invest in an already built and tenanted property - a BTL without the buying or letting!

The project raised £342K over two raises with investors benefitting from a share of the rental yield.

The projected ROI for both raises was 12% per annum for a two year project.  A total of 69 investors became shareholders in this raise.

Brick Construction

Deal Structuring


We can work with you to decide an appropriate potential return on investment for your clients.

Length of Deal

Raises can be quarterly, yearly, bi-annual or between 3 - 5 years.  Longer is optional but not really preferable.

Potential Equity

Equity is the last part of the Capital Stack and often the hardest to source...ask us how.

Investors Per Deal

Do you have a preferred amount of investors you would be comfortable dealing with?  Ask us the about the pros and cons.

Deal Size/Type

The deal size will depend on the class of investor you would be targeting.  Vanilla development projects continue to be popular with investors.
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Hietesh Shridhar

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Ed Morgan

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Suzy Jenkins

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